Picture It Settled® is Cutting Edge Technology

The theory behind Picture It Settled® crosses several disciplines, including behavioral economics, brain and computing science, game and negotiation theory, law and case evaluation, psychology, and sociology. Don Philbin is a lifelong student of negotiation. His research is published by Harvard Negotiation Law Review, Alternatives to the High Cost of Litigation, Dispute Resolution Journal, The Advocate, the AAA Handbook on Mediation, and other nationally recognized publications.

Mr. Philbin is an adjunct professor of law, teaching both academic and continuing education courses, at the Pepperdine University School of Law’s Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution. He has also guest lectured at the University of Texas School of Law, the University of Cincinnati School of Law, and St. Mary’s University School of Law. Don is an oft invited speaker and trainer. He has been invited to present negotiation planning courses to groups that range from the Conference Board, to labor negotiators, to attorney’s general. He also presents to a wide variety of litigation and dispute resolution practice groups.

Mr. Philbin offers training about the research that made Picture It Settled® software possible, with the findings and tools that relate to the ongoing project.

For additional information regarding training or Mr. Philbin’s practice, please visit his website: www.adrtoolbox.com or contact him: don.philbin@adrtoolbox.com.